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5 Steps To Planning The Perfect Kids Party

5 Steps To Planning The Perfect Kids Party - Kids Party Craft

Are you planning a kid’s party and looking for some tips and ideas? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll provide step-by-step instructions for planning the perfect kid’s party. We'll cover topics such as choosing a party theme, decorating, activities and games, favors and goodie bags and invitations. Plus, we'll let you know how you can find all the items you need for your party on our online store.

Step 1: Choose a Party Theme

One of the most important steps in planning a kid’s party is choosing a theme. A party theme can help you choose decorations, activities, and food that fit the party's overall look and feel. Plus, kids love themes - it gives them something to get excited about, have fun and let their imaginations run wild.

When choosing a party theme, consider the age of the kids and their interests. Some popular kids party themes include princesses, superheroes, dinosaurs, and sports. You could also choose a theme based on your child's favourite characters or films. You can then use this theme to build your decorations and activities around it.

At our online store, we have a wide selection of party themes to choose from. Some of our most popular themes include unicorn, superhero, princess, pirate, football, dinosaur, and jungle. We also have popular branded themed parties, such as justice league, harry potter, LOL Surprise and Fortnite.

Once you've chosen a party theme, you can use it to guide your decisions for the rest of the party planning process. For example, if you're having a princess party, you could decorate with princess themed balloons and tableware, serve princess-themed snacks, and have activities like a royal tea party or a princess costume contest.

Overall, choosing a party theme is an important step in planning a kid’s party. With our wide selection of party themes and everything you need for the party on our online store, you can easily create an amazing and memorable party that the kids will love.

Step 2: Plan the Decorations

Now that you have a party theme in mind, it's time to start thinking about party decorations. Decorations can help set the mood and atmosphere for the party, and they're a fun way to bring your party theme to life.

When planning your decorations, consider the colours and styles that fit your party theme. For example, If you're having a space themed party, you could use a colour scheme of blue, orange white and black and decorate with space themed tableware, balloons, and planet shaped cut-outs. For a Unicorn party, you could use pink and purple streamers and balloons, and set up a Unicorn Pinata as one of the party activities.

In addition to choosing decorations that fit your party theme, consider the layout of the party space. You may want to set up a special area for activities or games or create a designated eating area. Make sure to leave enough space for the kids to move around and play.

Overall, decorations are an important part of creating the atmosphere for your party. At Kids Party Craft we have a wide selection of decorations to choose from. We have balloons, bunting, candles, tableware, disposables, games and more in a variety of themes, styles, and colours. We have made it easy to find everything you need to create the perfect decorations for your party. Just look at our themed party ranges to find everything you need!

Step 3: Plan the Activities and Games

Now it's time to plan the fun part - the activities and games! Choosing age-appropriate activities and games is key to making sure the kids have a great time at your party.

When planning activities and games, consider the interests and abilities of the kids. You may want to have a mix of structured activities, like organized games or crafts, and free play. You could also plan special group orientated activities for the kids to engage in. We find that Pinatas are always a hit!

Some popular kids party activities and games include:

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Musical chairs
  • Duck, duck, goose
  • Limbo
  • Red light, green light
  • Treasure hunt
  • Obstacle course
  • Face painting
  • Balloon animals

Make sure to plan enough activities and games to keep the kids entertained throughout the party. And don't forget to have plenty of prizes on hand for the winners!

We know that sometimes organising games and activities can be a stressful task, so we have worked hard to make this easy for you. By looking at our themed party ranges you will find games to fit each theme and design of the party. We also have more modern toys and games. so, you can find the perfect activities and games to match your party theme.

In addition to individual games and toys, we also have ready-to-play party packs. These packs include everything you need for a fun and engaging party, with a mix of games, activities, and prizes. This is a great option to save money and time and for parents who want to make sure their party is a hit, but don't have the time or energy to plan every detail themselves.

Overall, activities and games are an essential part of any kid’s party. With our wide selection of games and toys, and our ready-to-play party packs, you can easily find everything you need to make your party a success.

Step 4: Plan for Favors and Goodie Bags

At the end of the party, you may want to give each child a small gift or treat to take home as a thank-you for coming to the party. These are called favors or goodie bags, and they're a fun way to make the kids feel special and remembered.

When planning favors or goodie bags, consider the age and interests of the kids. You could give out small toys or, like stickers, temporary tattoos or toys that fit the party theme. You could also include a piece of cake or candy. Make sure to have enough for all the kids attending the party. You could also have extra favors or goodie bag items on hand in case of last-minute guests.

If you're looking for a convenient and affordable option for favors or goodie bags, consider purchasing pre-filled party bags & boxes from our online store. Our party bags are filled with a variety of fun and age-appropriate items, such as toys, games, and treats. Plus, they're sold at a great price, so you can save time and money. Our pre-filled packs come with a party bag or lunch box and several mini toys, games and books such as puzzle books, maze games and wax crayons.

If you prefer to fill your own party bags, our online store offers one of the largest ranges in the UK featuring a wide selection of favors and party bag fillers. We have everything from stickers and temporary tattoos to bubbles and small toys. You can choose items that fit your party theme and mix and match to create the perfect party bags for your guests.

Overall, favors and goodie bags are a great way to add a special touch to your kids party. The kids will love receiving their own little gift, and it's a nice way to say thank-you for coming to the party. And with our pre-filled party bags and party bag fillers, you can easily and affordably add this special touch to your party..

Step 5: Send Out Invitations

Once you have all of the details for your party planned out, it's time to let the kids and their parents know about it. The best way to do this is by sending out invitations.

Choose invitations that fit your party theme, and make sure to include all of the important details, such as the date, time, location, and any special instructions. You may want to include a map or directions to the party location, as well as the name and phone number of the person hosting the party.

You can send out invitations in a variety of ways. You could mail paper invitations, or you could send electronic invitations via email or a website like Evite. Just make sure to give guests enough notice to decide to attend the party.

Find Everything You Need On Our Store

Planning a kids party can be a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can plan a fun and memorable party that the kids will love.

And don't forget - you can find everything you need for your party on our online store. We have a wide selection of party supplies, decorations, games, and favors all at great prices. Plus, we offer fast and convenient shipping, so you can get everything you need for your party delivered right to your doorstep.

So why wait? Start planning your perfect kids party today and browse our store for all of your party needs at



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